Akshay told why Bollywood is behind South, Samantha said this on 250 crore alimony – koffee with karan season 7 episode 3 highlights: akshay kumar samantha prabhu guest in Karan johar show

The third episode of director Karan Johar’s most popular show ‘Koffee With Karan Season 7’ ​​has aired on OTT on 21 July 2022. Bollywood player Akshay Kumar and South actress Samantha Prabhu arrived as guests on Karan Johar’s chat show. In the third episode of Koffee With Karan, the two shared anecdotes from their personal and professional lives. Read what happened in the latest episode of Season 7 of Koffee With Karan.

Karan Johar welcomed the superstar guest of the show with a sizzling intro and Akshay Kumar reached Samantha in his arms. Samantha told that she was very nervous before appearing on the show. When Akshay Kumar asked the reason for this, she said that she was a little nervous on meeting the royal stars of Bollywood. On this, Akshay targeted Karan Johar and said that the royal man is only Karan Johar.

Why are Bollywood actors behind South, Karan Johar showed the list of Pan India No 1 star of Omaxe in the show? It included 10 stars including Vijay, Jr NTR, Prabhas, and Allu Arjun and only Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was named in it. Seeing this list, Akshay said that I would say that we need to work harder. There are actors in Hindi cinema who do not want to do a film with two or three stars, but it is not so in the South. Here I myself produced a film but here actors don’t do two-hero films. Akshay Kumar admitted that this is the reason why South Stars are ahead of us, not us in the list. Karan Johar also showed the list of Pan India Best Actresses in which Samantha was at number one and Alia Bhatt was at 2.

This is what Samantha Prabhu said on divorce

Samantha Prabhu, who spoke openly on social media, said about ex-husband Naga Chaitanya on the show that when we separated, both were very upset. It was difficult to go through this situation but now I am happy. I am very brave. At the same time, Samantha also told that she has nothing like friendly with her ex-husband but in future everything may happen. He spoke very intelligently about their relationship, quoting the book Greenlight.

Speaking on Om Antawa, Samantha said that I really liked the song Om Antawa. I really liked the lyrics and that’s why I said yes to this song.

Akshay Kumar said these things about Twinkle Khanna and marriage

Akshay Kumar told why Bollywood is behind South, Samantha said this on divorce and alimony of 250 crores Akshay Kumar jokingly said, ‘If I said something wrong, I might regret it the next morning. Giving advice to all the husbands, Akshay said that just listen to your wives, there will never be any problem.

There is nepotism in the South too! Karan Johar asked Samantha if Bollywood seems to be a question of nepotism, but there are many such stars in the South whose generations are working in the industry or someone is a relative of someone. There are very few names like Vijay Deverakonda, who are outsiders. On this Samantha Ruth Prabhu says, I don’t think all superstars’ children are superstars. People forget when the outside fails, but when Starkid fails, they have to be humiliated every time.

What Akshay Kumar said on Outsider

Akshay Kumar said on Outsiders that I have been in this industry for 30 years, and I consider myself very lucky. I have seen many people working hard but they could not become a star. On the other hand, he says about nepotism, and what nepotism means to me. I even asked my wife about this. Because my English is not so good. When I came into this industry, my only aim was to earn money. When I was earning 5 thousand rupees in the beginning. But for one ed I got 25 thousand rupees in 2 hours. I wondered why I am doing martial arts. Since then I have joined the industry. I would only say that forget who is whose son or daughter. Which movie has two actors or four actors? Just work hard and focus on being successful.

funny anecdote on the enemy

Akshay Kumar insisted on a multi-star film several times throughout the show. He said that nowadays actors do not know why they do not want to do a film with two or three actors, while I also did a film with 7 heroes. He told that there were 7 heroes in the enemy. Jani told the story of the enemy that at that time he used to work according to the salary per day. There was a scene that the villain would kill me and the other would be the entry of the hero i.e. Sunny Deol. Akshay Kumar told that I was struggling to get my house at that time and every penny was very important for me. But Sunny Deol is stuck in New York for some reason. In this way my character who was dead had to come back and I did that work for free. This is how I got my home through this film.

Said this on Samantha on the success of Family MenSamantha said that when I started shooting for Family Men 2, the first part was not even released. I had to try something new, get out of the bubbly type role and asked for this strong role. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar said I believe that I believe a lot in luck. Whatever you do, your luck is also very important.

What did Akshay Kumar and Samantha Prabhu say on trolling?

Talking on trolling, Samantha said that I felt worst when people alleged that I am going to take Rs 250 crore alimony after divorce. All kinds of rumors were spread about me. Made up his own concoction. At the same time, Akshay Kumar said that I do not pay much attention to trolling. People troll about me as Canada Kumar but I believe do your work and go home.

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4. Samantha Prabhu will choose Ranveer Singh with Akshay Kumar in Love Trialing

5. Whom will Akshay Kumar give the player tag tiger Shroff

6. What kind of social media trends does Samantha hate when rumors become facts

7. Akshay Kumar misses these things of 90s Heroine, Music, used to do this in 10 films in a year

8. Who will definitely invite Samantharanveer Singh to the dance party?

9. What you haven’t been able to prove yet AkshayFilters

10. Which superstar’s voice would you like to use in GPS SamanthaKGF Superstar Yash

11. What will you do if Chris Rock jokes on Tina Akshay Kumar Twinkle will kill her and I will pay for her funeral

12. Samantha told who is the most desirable starVijay Deverakonda

13. If Rohit Shetty makes a female corp film, then according to Akshay Kumar, this actress should be Alia Bhatt

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15. Whom does Akshay Kumar stock on Instagram Twinkle Khanna

Akshay Kumar won in the rapid-fire round with 83% votes. He gave his gift hamper to Samantha.

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