Actor reveals he did not charge any money for Ayan Mukerji Here is why

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s film ‘Brahmastra’ has come as a gift for Bollywood at the box office. On one hand, this film has broken the record of ‘The Kashmir Files’ by earning Rs 227.95 crore in the country in two weeks, while on the other hand, it has also overtaken KGF 2 in advance ticket booking on National Cinema Day. ‘Brahmastra’ has now become the highest-grossing Bollywood film of the year 2022. ‘The Kashmir Files’ did a lifetime business of Rs 225 crore. Meanwhile, there has been disclosure about Ranbir Kapoor’s fees in the film, which will leave anyone stunned. ‘Brahmastra’ director Ayan Mukerji has already said that the film has given a lot of personal sacrifices to many people.

The budget of the film is being said to be 410 crores, while there are many claims, in which it is said that the budget of Brahmastra is Rs 650 crores. But now the news is coming that Ranbir Kapoor has not charged any fees for this film. Ranbir Kapoor had said recently that the budget of the film is so high because it is not a film but a trilogy of three films. A major part of the expenditure on VFX of the film will be used in Part-2 and Part-3 as well. So the VFX is already ready for the next two films as well.

The ‘Brahmastra’ budget was increasing, during a conversation, Ayan Mkhurji said, ‘A lot of people have sacrificed on a personal level for the film. It is true that Ranbir Kapoor has not charged any fees for this film. He did not take anything for the manufacture of Brahmastra. It is a very, very big thing because without all these sacrifices it would not have been possible to make this film. Ayan had earlier said that the VFX budget of the film is very high, so many expenses have been cut so that the film can be made soon. However, despite this, the film took 10 years to make.

Brahmastra Sequel: Ayan Mukerji said on the sequel of ‘Brahmastra’, told – How will the story of ‘Dev’ in Part 2 be due to Ranbir Kapoor not taking any fees, Ranbir Kapoor sitting there on this also confirmed that he did the film. Nothing has been charged. Ranbir further said on this, ‘This film is like capital for my life. I am also the co-producer of this film. We are looking at the long-term run of the film. I didn’t take a single penny for Part 1 because I am sure that the film will have three parts, which is beyond any cost to me as an actor.

Brahmastra: Why did Dimple Kapadia’s role in ‘Brahmastra’ last only 2.5 seconds? Alia Bhatt reveals Brahmastra: Why Isha repeatedly says Shiva’s name in ‘Brahmastra’, director Ayan Mukerji reveals Alia Bhatt’s ‘Brahmastra’ free Alia Bhatt Brahmastra Fees: Ayan Mukerji shares Alia Bhatt ‘Brahmastra’ Joined the team in 2014. Only a few films of Alia were released then. He made his debut with ‘Student of the Year in 2012. In such a situation, the fee fixed for this film for Alia Bhatt was very less, but by the time we completed this film, those small fees were also spent in its making. By the way, for information, let us tell you that Ranbir Kapoor and Ayan Mukerji are childhood friends.

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