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Running is probably one of the most effective Tips For Weight Loss (lose your extra pounds) or to maintain your weight and stay healthy.

Practiced as a slimming aid, practicing a sport like the one running proves to be very effective in burning calories, losing those extra pounds, losing weight and especially losing weight permanently.

Running allows you to lose calories while maintaining muscle mass.

However, as I often tell you: This is not a magic potion that will systematically act at the slightest kilometer traveled!

Indeed, running tips for weight requires respecting certain training and lifestyle rules consisting in particular of a healthy diet: once you manage to respect it, you will really lose those extra pounds and thus perfect your figure it will be beneficial.

Running (jogging) will be your ally for fitness and a perfect sport to weight loss.

Tips For Weight Loss Effectively: Why Running?

One of the proven benefits of running on your body is the loss of fatty deposits. When combined with a healthy and well-balanced diet, running helps prevent excess weight in your body through sustained and regular efforts and helps you lose weight effectively.

With running, you will inevitably be less sedentary and you will be able to plan to lose weight permanently.Benefits of sports Running is a good sport for losing weight. By cons, you lose weight but gradually.

Indeed, “losing weight quickly” can make you dream but it is very important to understand a fundamental point: losing weight quickly causes trauma to your body.

So, tips for weight loss, a few weeks or months after, you will gain weight and even more.

Your “traumatized” body will defend itself and make a maximum of reserve to anticipate a next fast diet.

So you should not ask yourself the question “How to lose weight quickly / lose weight quickly”, but rather how to get to lose weight gradually so that all those extra pounds disappear forever.

If a diet or method promises you to lose 5 pounds in 1 week or 10 pounds in 1 month, this is not reasonable.

Thus, practicing a sport like running also allows you to maintain a healthy weight throughout the duration of the practice, since the efforts undertaken limit any overload of body mass, which is perfect for your health and for weight loss. the duration.

How to Lose Weight While Running

You will understand, running to promote weight loss requires compliance with certain rules ( method of losing weight ) that help maintain body balance.

So find below our 7 tips for weight loss for runners to lose weight s as well as some basic rules regarding your training and nutrition.

 1  Adapted training
 2  Regularity is the watchword
 3  A healthy diet
 4  Patience & Patience
 5  BMI
 6  Your sweating
 7  A quick summary

1. Follow a training program (play sports to lose weight)

It is first important not to want to do too much. You must follow Tips for weight loss workout that is not too high in order to progress gradually.

This will allow your body to get used to the effort gradually.

If you set yourself a goal that is too high, you risk giving up soon enough.

In addition, you must follow a training (like those of Jiwok), which were carried out by professionals and nutritionists.

This will allow you to let yourself be guided and coached by following the right path.

If you are a beginner, following a training program allows you to avoid beginner’s mistakes and to be very effective in his sports training.

Often, without a training program, you will try to run 10 or even 20 minutes continuously from your first session, which is a mistake.

You must alternate walking and wrunning, to adapt your body to the effort.

In addition, following a calendar with scheduled sessions is also a simple way to stay motivated to run.

Indeed, you will know exactly what you need to do each time you wake up: it will be much more difficult for you to postpone or skip running sessions. When your coach indicates a session, put on your outfit and go running!

2. Run regularly

It is indisputable; people who have managed to lose weight have kept to their rhythm of their training by follow these tips for weight loss:

It is essential to have a regular practice. This regularity is one of the bases for optimizing your energy expenditure.

Likewise, running once a week will certainly not help you burn calories, much less lose a pound of your body weight.

It is therefore preferable to run at least 2 or 3 times a week .

And above all, do not worry about the intensity of your exercise, just think that the sequence of sessions will allow you to burn fat and will help you lose weight and lose weight by doing sport.

By cons, you should not run every day to lose weight . Your body needs to recover between sessions.

Running everyday involves over-fatigue and a high risk of injury.

You can run in the morning or in the evening , it’s up to you. The most important thing is to find your rhythm.

3. Eat healthy

To really lose a pound then must follow Tips for weight loss; you need to burn calories through regular exercise.

But still it is necessary to combine these physical exercises to lose weight with a healthy and balanced diet which will play an essential role in maintaining this famous body balance.

To achieve this, try to opt for foods lower in calories and fat and for cereals, fruits and vegetables.

A common mistake made by runners is that they offset the calories burned by exercise with extra calories from higher fat foods and drinks.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to take note of everything you eat for a few weeks.

This allows you to monitor your diet (and food intake) and therefore improve it as you progress.

Do not hesitate to vary your diet by opting for vegetables (zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, etc.) with each meal.

The fibers that these contain will allow you to limit your cravings for chocolate bread or other high-calorie desserts.

By the way, follow a big principle : eat like a king (or queen) for breakfast, eat like a prince (or princess) for lunch and how a beggar for dinner.

To summarize: the more the day progresses, the more your quantity of food must decrease.

Between meals, avoid snacking and if it is too difficult, you move towards a fruit.

Gradually decrease sugar (which is a real drug for your body) like sweets or chocolate yogurt.

Tips: It is essential to read the labels of the products you buy . Indeed, you would be surprised to find sugar in lemon flavored water for example!

Jiwok’s The best tips for weight loss programs include diet counseling to help you make your menus and eat better.

4. Be patient

Contrary to popular belief, solutions to lose weight quickly in terms of weight loss rarely work !

So do not expect to succeed in losing weight at the slightest kilometer run. Above all, set a reasonable goal in your quest .

And don’t forget the perseverance that will allow you to progress gradually in this process.

And as I told you earlier in this article do not try to run every day to lose weight faster , you may injure yourself.

In addition, if you can buy a pedometer (or your phone), this will help you in your motivation.

Scientific studies show that following your kilometers traveled keeps your motivation intact .

5. Calculate your body mass index.

In order to reassure you throughout your goals, you may find it useful to calculate your body mass index (BMI).

Allowing you to know the exact value of your body mass and your healthy weight, the BMI tells you about the value of fat and muscle mass, taking into account your age, sex, height and weight.

The BMI formula is to divide the weight by the height squared:

For example, if you weigh 72 kilos and measure 1.70 m then the calculation is: 72 / (1.70 x 1.70) = 24.91

These tops is very important for weight loss: BMI value

BMI value

Less than 16 >>> Anorexia or undernutrition
Between 16.5 and 18.5 >>> Thinness
Between 18.5 and 25 >>> Normal
Between 25 and 30 >>> Overweight Between 30 and 35 >>> Moderate obesity (Class 1)
Between 35 and 40 >>> High obesity (Class 2)
Greater than 40 >>> Morbid or massive obesity

6. I sweat a lot… Do You Want To Weight Loss?

No, you do not lose weight even if you lose more water than you drink after an hour of running.

So there is no point in sweating profusely by running miles every morning.

Sweating is not best tips for weight loss, the sweat containing essentially only water (water that you will recover just at the end of the race).

Therefore, the best way to lose weight is to run regularly and gradually draw on your body fat

7. The basic rules in summary

Here are some basic tips for weight loss  that will help you better understand your quest “  How to lose weight?  And refuse any false beliefs about losing weight through running.

1. Stay regular in your running : the more the body gets used to the use of fat, the more likely you will be to lose weight. So try sports training 2 or 3 times a week.

2. Always remember to monitor your physical fitness after a few exercise intervals. In case of fatigue, alternate the practice with fast walking phases .

3. Warm up before your session and stretch afterwards. This allows you to avoid cramps while preparing your body for the session.

4. Always maintain a healthy and balanced diet : prefer fruits and vegetables to foods high in fat, eat at regular times, drink water, etc. Certain natural food supplements can also help you in this quest.

5. Run at any time of the day, but also try to run on an empty stomach : this technique is effective in burning more fat.

On the other hand, if you decide to run on an empty stomach to lose weight faster, it is important to follow a certain number of strict rules to avoid endangering your health.

I recommend the article on the subject running on an empty stomach.

But remember to avoid overload: a jump out of bed will make you spend fat (including good fats) and therefore all your energy. But when you return, don’t skip breakfast!

Above all, it is important to run on an empty stomach, once a week maximum.

6. When it comes to running, what counts above all is endurance and the duration of the exercise. So you don’t have to run very fast to be killed 2 minutes later. Run slowly, but for a long time, this way your body will have more time to burn bad fat than during an intense but short run.

7. Running makes you lose your buttocks, thighs and all parts of your body. Provided of course to ensure a healthy and balanced diet.

But in any case, it is the thigh and buttock muscles that will be most affected by running: they will therefore gain in finesse and firmness.

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