100 crore property became the reason for Sonali’s death? Sonali Phogat murder case takes u turn after gunner and daughter Yashodhara revelations brother in law says it was pre planned

The murder of ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant, Tiktok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat is getting complicated every day. While the industry is demanding justice from Rahul Vaidya to Vindu Dara Singh, the cause of Sonali’s death seems to be due to heart attack, drugs overdose and now getting entangled in property. Earlier, the cause of Sonali Phogat’s death was being told due to heart attack. The very next day it was feared that he was given an overdose of drugs. But now the way the layers of investigation are opening up, the statements of Sonali’s government gunner, daughter Yashodhara and family members are coming out, it seems that the root of all the turmoil is Sonali Phogat’s property worth 100 crores. The things that are coming out in the investigation of Goa and Haryana Police are pointing towards a well-planned conspiracy. Sonali Phogat coming straight from Palwal to Gurugram, going straight from Gurugram to Goa, sending the gunner back and telling the wrong schedule to the family..

Sonali Phogat: Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder stayed with Sonali for 2 hours in the washroom, what happened in those 120 minutes? Arrests and revelations in Sonali’s death caseSonali Phogat went to Goa on 22 August with her PA Sudhir Sangwan and friend Sukhwinder and the next Sonali Phogat died on the same day i.e. 23 August. The cause of death was initially stated to be a heart attack, but after the family suspected their murder and the post-mortem report revealed injuries, the Goa Police took Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder into custody. During interrogation, Sudhir and Sukhwinder had confessed to forcibly giving Sonali drugs and drinking some drinks. Later Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder were arrested. The Goa and Haryana Police is investigating the matter, in which many sensational revelations and claims are coming to the fore.

Sonali Phogat: Farm house of 6 crores, 30 year lease… What was Sonali Phogat’s PA Sudhir Sangwan’s plan? Sonali told her daughter a week’s shoot in Goa The thing that worries Sonali Phogat’s family the most That is, why was he told the wrong schedule? Why was the resort booked for only two days, saying it was a week’s shoot in Goa? Sonali Phogat’s daughter Yashodhara has also raised questions on the same thing, while Sonali told the daughter that there is a week’s shoot in Goa. Yashodhara told in a conversation with ‘ABP’ that when she talked to mom, she had told that the shooting would go on for a week and that’s why she is going to Goa for a week. But there the resort was booked for only two days. Somewhere this shows that it is a planned murder. The daughter said that she wants a CBI inquiry into the mother’s death. She wants the culprits to be punished severely. He and his family will not rest till the punishment is received. Song shooting, Goa travel and death in hotel… What happened in Sonali Phogat murder case, know everything here, claims Jeth Kuldeep – murder was committed from Hisar itself The reason for Sonali Phogat’s death is also being told political, but the family and brother-in-law Kuldeep Phogat refused to believe so. Kuldeep Phogat claims that the accused Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder had hatched a plan to kill Sonali Phogat from Hisar itself. He told that Sudhir had taken possession of Sonali’s everything. He would not allow anyone to meet Sonali. He did not even allow Sonali Phogat’s father to meet him. According to Kuldeep Phogat, Sudhir Sangwan had removed all the servants and even the cook from the house.

Sonali Phogat Death: The key from the kothi to the car was with the PA, know Sonali Phogat’s brother made allegations, in whose name the flat in Gurgaon? Sudhir had told Sonali that wife Sonali Phogat had returned from Palwal with Sudhir Sangwan on August 21, a day before leaving for Goa. But before coming home, she had gone straight to Gurugram. The accused Sudhir Sangwan had taken a flat on rent in Gurugram. Its rent was 60 thousand rupees per month. In the rent agreement of the flat, Sudhir Sangwan had told himself to be married and Sonali Phogat as his wife. Residents of the society where Sudhir Sangwan had taken the flat told that Sonali used to come there occasionally, while Sudhir Sangwan lived there. This flat was taken on rent in June this year. Sonali Phogat had left from there to go to Goa with Sudhir Sangwan. Sudhir had stopped Sonali’s gunner from going along. When Sonali Phogat came to Gurugram on August 22, her government gunner was with her. He was also with them in Palwal. But before going to Goa, Sudhir Sangwan stopped Sonali’s government gunner and sent back to Hisar. According to Sonali Phogat’s gunner, Sudhir Sangwan asked Sonali to free her on the 21st and told that he and Sonali would return on the 26th. They were told that Goa and Mumbai have plans, after which they would return on 26.

Sonali Phogat News: Story of Gurugram flat number 901, why did PA Sangwan tell Sonali Phogat as his wife? The investigation of Rajfarmhouse into death, the escape of caretaker Shivam with the DVR and the arrest of Sonali Phogat’s gunner and the words of daughter Yashodhara have given a twist to this case. Sonali Phogat’s murder case can take a new turn with the statements of these two. Meanwhile, Sonali Phogat’s caretaker Shivam has also been arrested. Shivam fled as soon as he got the news of Sonali Phogat’s death in Hisar. Along with the footage of the laptop, DVR and camera, he also took other necessary documents.

How much property does Sonali have? Goa and Haryana Police, after investigating Goa’s resort, reached Hisar on Wednesday to investigate Sonali Phogat’s farmhouse and house. Apart from these two places, the police is also investigating the rest of Sonali Phogat’s property. Sonali Phogat was the owner of a property worth 100 crores. After the death of her husband Sanjay Phogat in 2016, she got 13 acres more land. Out of this, a farm house has been built in 6 acres of land. The price of this land located in Dhundar village of Hisar is Rs 7 to 8 crore per acre. Accordingly, the cost of 7 acres of land is Rs 96 crore and that of the resort is about Rs 6 crore. After investigating Sonali’s house and farmhouse in Hisar, Goa and Haryana Police will also investigate the flat in Gurugram and will also inquire around.

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